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Best Receiver For Klipsch Reference Speakers

It is no longer news that Klipsch reference speakers deliver a topnotch sonic punch, great sound and outstanding audio. It is small yet so great therefore, it is of high essence that you provide the best receiver for Klipsch reference speakers to enhance the sound by these speakers.

We know how important it is to want the best experience and immersive sound Read More

Guitar Ethnographies: Performance, Technology, And Material Culture

The guitar is arguably the most popular musical instrument in the world. If you have one in your home, then you have a rare gem. Not that this gem is rare, but you need to have one to understand why it is most treasured by musicians worldwide.

Globally, the guitar creates sounds that thrill listeners. But in some locations, this musical instrument receives little or no attention when it comes to making music. In the study of music Read More

Best MPC For Beginner

A lot of individuals have been stuck with making a decision on how to begin producing sounds with MPCs and often times they don’t even know which is the best MPC for beginners.

Having found this to be a significant challenge for beginners, we have decided to help with the buying process by doing our Read More

Best Microphone For Voice Acting

Voice acting requires topnotch microphones, and the best thing anyone can do for themself is to choose the best microphone for voice acting.

A proper guideline is required to navigate through the market of voice acting microphones because Read More

AKG P220 vs AT 2020

When it comes to selecting the better microphone, there are lots of criteria to put into consideration before you make your choice. Our focus is no different in this review. Here, we will be comparing two highly-rated microphones, AKG P220 vs AT 2020.

What are the highs and lows of these microphones? Which one should you pick when Read More