7 Best Passive PA Speakers 2021 – Top Picks

Passive PA Speakers

Getting the Best Passive PA Speakers is necessary if you want the sound quality to be loud and clear. Passive PA speakers play an important role in various events, clubs, institutions, and halls to deliver excellent audio quality that everyone can hear. If you are looking for the best passive PA speakers out there, let … Read more

Most Famous Blind Piano Players of All Time 2021

Famous Blind Piano Players

We often consider playing a musical instrument to be a visual activity. Most of us rely on sight when trying to play the piano, but many blind pianists have had to learn this the hard way, without their sense of sight. Visually impaired musicians have a big drawback, and despite this disability, a few of … Read more

12 Best Guitar Amp Under $200 2021 – Complete Guide

best guitar amp under $200

When you’re looking for a new guitar amplifier, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Thankfully, several high-quality guitar amps under $200 can provide excellent sound quality on a tight budget. While still affordable, these amplifiers contain much of the technology found in more costly amplifiers, allowing them to create clean tones … Read more

9 Best Overhead Drum Mics 2021 – Buying Guide

Best Overhead Drum Mics

If you plan to use microphones on your drum kit, overhead mics will be the best choice for it. The best overhead drum mics pick up the full sound of your kit, providing the listener with a complete picture of what you’re playing. With that in mind, it’s critical to invest in a good set … Read more

Top 10 Best Keyboard Amp 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

Best Keyboard Amp

Possessing the most exemplary keyboard amplifier is important for stage concerts, whether playing keys in a group or even as a solo artist. It might be tough to decide which amplifier is suitable for your requirements when you’ve never purchased it before. Luckily, here you will find all the crucial points to remember before purchasing … Read more

8 Best Microphones Under $100 2021 – Buying Guide


Ensuring that you get the best microphones under $100 has become a necessity in today’s world if a content creator wants to do any audio-related projects. From streaming, podcasting to making video content, microphones are used in a number of places. If you, too, are one such content creator and are looking for the best … Read more