Best Les Paul Pickups for Classic Rock

As a classic rock lover, if you need the top, rich, full sound on your guitar, you need to get the best Les Paul pickups for classic rock. Every guitar player detests the annoying hums that overshadow or interferes with the sound produced while they are playing, yet many have not found a worthy solution to overcoming this problem. If you have been battling with such issues or related ones, then this review will come as a relief for you. Modern guitar for playing rock and metal require pickups that are made from high-quality materials. Read More

Best Speakers for Digital Piano

Adding the best speakers for digital piano to your toolbox is one excellent decision you should make. The truth is, there are several options available for you, yet it’s easier to pick the wrong product when one is not really informed about what to expect. Read More

Djembe Drum: Spirit of Togetherness

The Djembe drum is arguably one of the most versatile and popular percussion instruments around the world. One reason why many make use of this drum is that it possesses the ability to create several types of pitches, which varies from bass (low), tone (medium), to slap (high). Amazingly, by merely striking different parts of the Djembe skin with your hands, all these sounds can be produced. Read More

Best Kick Drum Mic for Live Sound

Choosing the best kick drum mic for live sound can be interesting, especially when you are preparing for one big event. You will not just be considering the price, but you will be paying attention to quality. But at some point, this exciting activity can become stressful, the volume of products you’ll be seeing might give you the feeling that finding the best one is impossible for you. As a drummer, your goal is to get a kick drum mic that will deliver a unique sound that is deep, rich, and accurate.  Read More

Best Portable Podcast Microphone

Whether you are new to the podcast world or you are a veteran podcaster already, everyone needs the best portable podcast microphone. One of the essential things that make your podcast more interesting and help you tie your listeners down is your sound quality. Even if you deliver essential information they need to hear, and your sound quality is low, they will always look for alternatives. Hence, one of the best decisions you can make before starting your podcast network is to get the best microphone. No one will have any excuse for not listening to you in that way.  Read More

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