Best Hand Drum for Beginner

Hand drumming is exciting. As a starter, you will love to have the best hand drum for beginner. Getting this may be difficult as there are so many alluring hand drums to buy at the start or before your training. With a large variety of hand drums on the market, there is confusion about which to purchase and what is best.

Almost all regions in the world have their associated primary hand drums. Djembe in Africa, Pandeiro in Brazil, Conga in Cuba, the Table in India, and many more. The options are limitless, and this can truthfully make players confused about what they choose. Each of these types of drums has their individual qualities, and some are very unique. In this review, we will be considering some of the essential factors to consider when selecting a hand drum. We will also explore the five best hand drums for beginners you can pick from.

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Criteria for Selecting The Best Hand Drum for Beginner

Based on the diversities of hand drums available in the world, it is best to consider essential factors that will help make the selection easy and more precise like;

Play Location: one of the critical factors that influence your choice is where you will be playing. There are certain hand drums designed for playing outdoor, while there are some designed for playing indoor. The sound quality differs; hence, you must choose one suitable for the location you will be playing.

Hand drum skin: the hand drum skin is another factor to consider for drummers. Some are designed for soft and fragile hands. Some surfaces are suitable for all playing hands. Djembes and congas have skins that can easily be played by beginners.

Material: you can either pick natural materials or synthetic materials. Natural hand drum material produces warm and round tones, it can easily be affected by the environment and climate, and it is less durable overall. Synthetic materials on the hand are not susceptible to climate changes, and it produces bright and sharp tones.

Tuning: hand drum types have different ways of adjustment. Tuning helps bring out the right tone and sound in your hand drum. Some tunings are easily done with ropes while some make use of metal lugs.

5 Best Hand Drum for Beginner

Conga Drum 11″ + Stand – RED Wine -World

Conga Drum


Beginners need hand drums that are playable and easy to handle. This hand drum is very easy to handle; it has a playable hard surface with an outside ring diameter of 13.5 inches. The drum has an overall height of 28.25 inches. For easy tuning, the drum has 5 adjustable tuning lugs; this makes it easier for beginners to test out different tuning effects. The hand drum produces nice and sweet midrange tones, which are poppy and not harsh. This drum sounds great no matter where you play either indoor or outdoor.

Meinl Djembe with Mahogany Wood

Meinl Djembe with Mahogany Wood


This is another 10 inches medium-sized hand drum perfect for both hand drum beginners and experts. It is carved from solid mahogany; this helps the drum produce rich acoustic properties which range from deep, resonant bass notes to cutting and high-pitched slaps. The surface is made with goatskin. This helps it create djembe sound, which is warm and produces cutting tones. The hand drum has an overall height of 20 inches, which makes it perfect for beginners, young musicians, and adults. The drum is equipped with heavy-duty nylon and comes with a sturdy shoulder strap.

Lp Lpm198 Mini Tunable Wood Conga Natural

Lp Lpm198 Mini Tunable Wood


Beginners need to get the right tune out of their hand drum. This drum is designed in such a way that it can easily be tuned to produce the best results without stress. This drum is made from Siam oak; it also features mini comfort curve II rims. The drum comes with natural rawhide heads which are unaffected by climate change and produces sharp and bright tones. Since the hand drum is tuneable, the sounds produced are of rich and high quality. The hand drum has an overall weight of 3.05 pounds, and a dimension of 11.5*7.5*7.5 inches.

African Drum, Hand-Carved Bongo Congo Djembe Drum

African Drum, Hand-Painted Bongo Congo Djembe


This is a standard-sized hand drum with a size of 9.5 by 20 inches. This hand drum is popular and used by middle schools, and beginners irrespective of the age. This drum is versatile and portable, so playing becomes easier when using this drum. The head size is sufficient for achieving bass, tone, and slaps. The head is made with genuine goatskin, which is thin and produces sharp sounds with few overtones. With steel rings, the skin is tightened down for better sound delivery. It features a hand-painted design that makes it look attractive, and it is carved out carefully from solid pieces of mahogany.

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Deco 79 89847 Wood Leather Djembe Drum

Deco 79 89847 Wood Leather Djembe Drum


This hand drum is designed for playing music, it is best for all beginners and help bring the best out of every playing session. It has a fantastic height of 16 inches, a width of 9 inches, which makes it suitable for beginners and young hands. The drum has shoulder straps that make carrying easier. If you love decorating your home, this drum has exclusive designs that make it perfect for home decoration. The surface is made of leather, which helps the drum produce a warm and beautiful sound.


In this review, we have done well in identifying and highlighting criteria that should be considered when selecting hand drums. We have seen some of the best hand drums for beginners, which are all designed to make playing more natural and enjoyable. Try out the Meinl Djembe with Mahogany Wood hand drum to have unique and beautiful playing experience. The African Drum, Hand-Carved Bongo Congo Djembe Drum is another good option; it is cheap and very easy for beginners to handle; they can also tune it to fit their style. Good enough all these drums are offered at affordable prices, and they help prepare and sharpen your playing skills.

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