Best Mics for Female Vocals Live

The truth is, some vocal qualities are peculiar to females alone, and this helps them produce high-quality sounds that will thrill their audience at all times. The difference that exists in the voice characteristics of females makes it essential to go for the best mic for female vocals live performance. But with the number of mics that are present in the market, you may have a hard time selecting the one that will deliver the best result. So, this review article will introduce you to some of the best mics for female vocals and the essential criteria that must be considered when making your selection.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Mic for Female Vocals Live

Below are some essential criteria to think about, which will help you lay your hands on the best mic for female vocals.

Type: there are basically two types of mics; condenser mic and dynamic mic. Their technology differs, and so is their sound quality. Dynamic mics feature a thin diaphragm which moves when sound waves of voice touch the mic. This makes them perfect for stage performance and surviving any type of handling. Condenser mics are more delicate and feature a conductive diaphragm coupled with a metal disk. It is affordable and equally sturdy. Making it another perfect option.

Polar pattern: the polar pattern graph tells you the direction your mic is absorbing sound from. For live performance, you will want to minimize or eliminate sounds coming from the sides and the rear of the mic. This makes a unidirectional with a tight cardioid polar pattern the best option for you. The mic will focus more on your voice.

Power source: most condenser microphones often require phantom power for delivering sound. You can only get this from the mixing desk. If not present, then you should prepare a special arrangement. The option you are selecting must be highly compatible with your system and other tools if it will work well.

Additional features: several other features make your microphone perfect for recording, while some help extends the lifespan of the mic. A good mic for female vocals should come with a pop filter, mic mount, carry case, etc. All these will help improve the performance and lifespan of the microphone.

5 Best Mic for Female Vocals Live

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

mic for female vocals live


With the Shure mic in your hand, you can be sure that your female vocals will deliver the best sound. It features a flat and wide frequency response that delivers an exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of music and speech. This mic also skillfully and professionally gets rid of electromagnetic hum, and it is optimized for eliminating broadband interference that may be coming from the system. The pop filter is also efficient at getting rid of explosive breath sound, and other unwanted sounds that may interfere with the quality of sound delivered. Mechanical noise that often originates during transmission is equally eliminated by the internal air suspension shock isolation.

MXL Mics Cardioid Condenser Microphone

mic for female vocals live


This is another high-quality microphone that will help your female vocal produce clear words when singing. Another excellent multipurpose condenser microphone that is specifically designed for live performance, and come with a patented design that adds life to performance, streaming, and podcast.The microphone features a balanced bass response, which is accompanied by high-end clarity. The mic is also compatible with other musical instruments. It comes with an excellent frequency range of 30Hz – 20kHz and a sensitivity of 15mV/PA. The low noise preamp of this microphone helps with the delivery of transformerless output.

MXL Mics Condenser Microphone, 770 MIDNIGHT

mic for female vocals live


This is another high-quality, and one of the best mics for female vocals live sessions as it comes with unique features like the multipurpose condenser microphone, which makes it perfect for live performance. This mic professional reduces and eliminates rumbles that often accompany live performance with the low-frequency roll-off features. Enjoy low noise FET preamps that bring out the right and clear words, coupled with a balanced and transformerless output. This mic also features a 10db pad to facilitate a wide variety of sound sources and a shock mount that helps reduce the mechanical friction.

Sennheiser E 835 Dynamic Vocal Microphone Stand Cable Pouch Bundle

mic for female vocals live


Every live performance by your female team will come to life with this mic as it comes with unique and excellent features. This microphone features a cardioid pick-up pattern that helps it deliver clear and bright sound eliminating all surrounding noise. With a frequency response of 40 – 16oooHz and sensitivity of 2,7 mV/Pa, this mic will provide excellent sound. The microphone can be used wirelessly, and it also supports the XLR-3 connector. The choice is yours. This is one of the best dynamic microphones you will find in the market. This makes it perfectly suitable for live performance.

Sennheiser 3x e 835 Wired Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Lead Vocal Stage Microphone

mic for female vocals live


This microphone is stage-ready at all times, making it the best mic for female vocals live. This package features three microphones, which offers you more play options and saves money. The microphone features a cardioid polar pattern that makes it more suitable for live performance as it effortlessly gets rid of unwanted noise and interference. The microphone has an overall dimension of 9 x 9 x 37 inches. With an XLR cable, you can easily connect the microphones to a live sound mixer/console.

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The success of your next performance will be greatly influenced by the mic decision you make now. Not all mics in the market will fit your female singing characteristics. That is why we have delivered 5 of the best mic for female vocals live, and some of the important factors to consider when shopping for your desired microphone. You have your options, both the dynamic and the condenser microphone at your disposal. It is time to thrill your audience once again.

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