Best Midi Controller For FL Studio

Buying the MIDI controller for FL studio is not just an easy task and this is largely attributed to the varieties of options and price tags in the market. These products come with varieties of quality, features and specs and you are tasked with picking just one which can be difficult.

However, we have done a thorough job of coming up with how to make shopping for the best midi controller for FL studio easy for you. We will show you the things to consider before buying your product and also list out the best five midi controllers in the market and we hope you find this really helpful.

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Criteria For Choosing Midi Controller For FL studio

Buying the best midi controller for FL studio can be a great task as there are a series of brands out there that will readily serve you but not all will give you the best you are looking for.

We have compiled a list of criteria that will help make your shopping for the best midi controller for FL studio very easy. Below are the top considerations for choosing the best midi controller for FL studio:

Quality of the Keys: This particular subject is one of the first to consider when buying your midi controller because they go a long way in giving you the best sound and the best experience with your music. This is an important criterion for us because getting the midi controller with the best key quality, responsiveness and sensitivity will help your musical carrier a lot.

Features and Specs: This subject should also be heavily considered because it is top of the paramount things you want to know about your controller. Pay attention to the specs and the features your potential controller offers, like the pitch bend, the number of keys, the software integration, sensitivity of the pads etc. know how each of this will make your mixing easier before going for the purchase.

Design: This may be faintly important but you also don’t want to go about looking like a generic producer. Check for class and how attractive the controller looks before going for the purchase. A good looking midi controller will send a message to your peers that you are not just a low budget producer.

Durability: The fact about Midi keys going through very heavy and abusive use is not just known today, it has been a fact for a long time and you want to make sure you are getting a midi controller that has the best durability power to withstand the heavy use. Music production requires a lot, and this pressure is readily placed on the controller keyboards. You are advised to choose the controller with high quality and durable keyboards.

Portability: Most producers would love to move about with their controllers and for the sake of ease of mobility; you will have to put into consideration the portability of the potential controller. Choose the controller with the best quality and yet has the best compact and lightweight design. Also, be sure the layout of the product is user-friendly and is rugged enough for constant moving about.

5 Best Midi Controller For FL Studio In 2019


Akai Professional MPK249 MIDI Keyboard


This Akai MIDI keyboard is just perfect for producers who are with smaller space for recordings or give live performances.

The lightweight feature and the compact design of this product make it suitable for smaller space recording and live performances.

It comes with trigger pads that will ease you into a sleek studio recording and enjoyable live performances. It offers the use of 49 pressure sensitive keys which brings great feelings while using them.

Overall, the lightweight feature makes it great for mobility.


Alexis VX49 MIDI Controller


The VX49 MIDI controller promises extreme hands-on experience for producers as it brings fun to their work.

The ease of access to the FL studio when navigating the plugins will wow you. You will love the availability of the 4.3-inch screen as it comes with great resolution and the ease of access is just fantastic.

The 49 keys present are semi-weighted and the after-touch feature is just unique. The one downside to this is the somewhat over-sensitive pads. Overall, you will love that the back light feature brings added ease of operation to the controller.


Nektar Panorama P4 MIDI Controller


The Nektar Panorama P4 MIDI controller comes with well-balanced keys and pads that are effectively sensitive enough to make you express yourself with great passion with your music.

The design of this product is lightweight with just 14lbs which makes it portable and easy to carry. It comes with 93 parameters that will offer you a almost endless modulation options.

The product offers an ALPS fader that is motorized and sensitive to touch which gives you total control when mixing.

Finally, the keys are adjustable for comfortable playing and mixing.


ROLI Seaboard Block MIDI Controller


The keys of this controller are effectively responsive which allows for enough expression for you with your music.

The ROLI MIDI controller boasts of a 5D touch that allows you to easily change pitch, volume and vibrator with just one finger. Additionally, you can connect other ROLI products to enhance your performance and to give perfect studio recordings.

The product comes with a lightweight feature at about 1.43lbs which makes it easy to carry about.

The downside to this is that the product may tend to move when in use.


Novation Launchkey Controller


For the love of sleek studio recording and live performance, this is one of the best controllers you can lay your hands on in the market. It comes with great features that will readily wow you.

The product comes with velocity-sensitive drum pads which allow you to trigger various sample sounds with ease.

The product weighs just 9.2lbs and producers of all kinds will love this as it is great for good recordings and live performances.

This controller does not require drivers; all you need to do is install the product’s software and begin to record.

Some users complained that the pads are not as sensitive as advertised.

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Frequently Questions About Midi Controller For FL Studie

What is a MIDI controller?

MIDI is just like a communication language, it is a way for different devices to communicate to each other. Keyboards need to communicate with each other while keyboards also need to communicate with sound modules.

Computers will need to communicate with keyboards and the list is endless. Instead of developing different communication mechanism for each, a group of intellectually gifted audio guys came up with a universal language for musical instruments in the year 1980. And this is how MIDI controller was born.

What is MIDI controller used for?

Basically MIDI controllers allow smooth communication between devices and therefore control another MIDI device. E.g. a MIDI controller can be used to make a keyboard play sounds from another keyboard or several other keyboards.

A MIDI controller can also be used to control lighting process, if you have ever been to a studio or concert where the flashing lights are being sensitive to the beats of the music being played. It is possible that the lights are synced through the use of a MIDI controller.

For studio owners MIDI is typically used to operate virtual instrument software.

Does MIDI controller make sound?

This almost seems like a weird question but you will be surprised that some people expect MIDI controllers to have sound. The misconception is that MIDI and Audio are the same of which they are not.

MIDI controller is simply what makes it easy for musical instruments to communicate while audio is basically what you hear. A simple example of a MIDI controller is just like the relationship between your TV and the remote controller. The TV serves as the audio while the remote serves as the MIDI controller to the TV. So since the remote controls another device there you should know that the MIDI is like that.

Why should I use a MIDI controller?

While you will the every aspect of recording in the studio or setting up of microphones, overdubbing, mixing editing, etc. it’s just normal that you can’t reach a desired point with just performers and microphones. This is where your MIDI controller comes in because with the use of a virtual instrument like EZDrummer you will be able to program a realistic drum sound. All this can be done without the need to Mic up a kit.


Choosing the best midi controller for FL studio can be very tough. You have to put a lot into consideration like the numbers of keys you want, the features to look out for and the ones to ignore and you also have to find a midi controller that fits right into your budget.

However, we have made this easy for you by listing the best five midi controllers for FL studio in the market and we have listed the criteria for choosing these best five midi controllers. With this little help we hope you are able to make the right choice for yourself without having to go through the tough task of searching for the best midi controller for FL studio.


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