Best Mixing Console For Recording Studio

Getting the best mixing console for recording studio is one of the smartest investment you can make as a musician or producer because this will not only make your work easier but will also give you the right instrument to produce masterpiece music.

Mixing of music is an art, and it requires not just the skills but the best instruments that will make your job easy and better.

Getting the best mixing console for recording studio is not like a stroll in the park which is why we have analyzed and reviewed the top classed products for the ease of your shopping for your mixing console.

Criteria For Selecting Console For Recording Studio

Choosing the best mixing console readily comes with a big task, and you will have to pay attention to not just the price but many other important factors that will guide you through the process of buying your best mixing console for recording studio.

Durability: The sliders, knobs, and buttons of a mixing console are known to ultimately face lots of work and pressure to the high demand for good music and recordings these days. This is why you have to put on your mind to buy the very best solid make and durable mixing consoles in the market as this will not only make your work easier but will also assure you of a long term use without having to change your console at intervals.

Application: Is your mixing console going to be used to record or for live playing, or do you intend to use it for both.

In the case where the console is used for recording, the mic preamp quality and the ability of your console to connect with external processors are of great importance

If you are using it for live sound, you should make sure your console is compatible with your already existing sound system. You should also make sure the console offers enough sound processing and connectivity that will handle your entire band

Buses and Signal Routing: When it comes to recording these functions may be of high importance. If you do a lot of special purpose mixes such as feeds to recording gear, headphones, external effects mixes, and monitors, you will need to have a more flexible routing and signal capabilities.

Effects and Other Sound Processors: If you rely on external mic preamps, effect pedals or other types of tone tweaking gear to help you produce your most desired sound ahead of your mixer. Then the sound processors and internal mixer effects are less critical. However, getting a mixer with onboard sound processing and effects will be a great tool and will be great for playing live.

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5 Best Mixing Console For Recording Studio In 2019


Mackie profx8v2


This is one of the best mixing consoles in the market today and you are guaranteed of getting the best of sounds with this console.

The product offers multiple buttons and slides that will be of great importance to your mixing adventure and you are promised a great output with this mixer.

The size and weight are considered fair, and you will find it easy to carry around.

The design is such that, it comes with a variety of effects that will enhance your musical adventure. The 16 different effects plus the FX effects engine, you are sure to get the best out of your audio. Additionally, the USB port makes it easier to connect with your computer.


Allen & Heath zedi-10FX


This will make your mixing job as easy as you can imagine because it comes with an easy setup process.

The design of this console is compact, and it is given at a very affordable rate. While it is cheap, it still gives the quality of an expensive model.

It comes with an added advantage for guitar lovers as it comes with two guitar channels. The EQs ensures high and quality sound during live performances and mixing. Also, you will love the USB interface makes your mixing job easy.

Additionally, this product makes it possible to secure your microphones with the availability of a three stereo unit. The downside to this is the loud hum in the microphone input.


Behringer x air x18


This product is one of the best multifunctional models of a mixing console in the market. The design is new, and it readily attracts buyers.

The availability of a USB interface and an 18 channel feature will make your studio mixing professional and super fast.

It also offers an inbuilt Wi-Fi system that will let you enjoy quick connection to other devices that will make your mixing experience even better. The programmable preamps allows for high sound quality.

If you want a durable mixing console, this is the best option for you in the market as it is designed with a solid construction that will make sure the device stays longer with you as you use.

You can monitor all your work with the touch screen feature, and this brings added control function that will make your work easier.


Yamaha EMX5014c


Versatility is one key prowess of this mixing console, and the sound output will also give you goosebumps.

The emx5014c is an exceptional brand from Yamaha, and they are well known for their quality products.

Yamaha didn’t disappoint with this product either, as it is designed with optimum quality and your mixing experience just got better.

The emx5014c is presented with 14 input powered mixers, an inbuilt effect and two 500 watt amplifiers that will make your mixing so easy and professional.

This product is housed in a sturdy steel finish which makes it strong and durable for use. You can easily set this pack up within seconds without any added stress.

One of the most attractive things about this product is the presence of the single knob compressors that will make sure you have total control of the vocals and also maintain the bass tightness.

Finally, you are assured of excellent sound quality with the in-built SPX effects.


Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2AI


The presonus studiolive 24.4.2AI makes your music mixing very easy. The product can combine both digital and analog which makes you get the best out of this product.

This product offers an analog interface that you can combine with a digital power to get the best out of your sounds. However, this requires integration with compatible mixing software.

This product enhances your creativity with its numerous mixing features. It boasts of wireless connectivity to any available network, and it also comes with a multitouch control surface which helps to enhance your personalised settings.

The available signal capabilities help you to receive quality sounds from your chosen channels.

Finally, you will love the wide range of sliders and knobs with the 24 channel input as they will only give you the best mixing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mixing Console

How does a mixing console work?

Staring at your mixing console can sometimes steer up a bit of fear in you considering the amount of sliders and knobs you have to deal with in other to produce the best masterpiece music in the market.

The moment you learn the layout of the mixing console your journey to know how it works has become simple.

Looking at them in detail will make it very easy to follow. You will also need to learn about the layout and the functions of the hardware to prepare you for the software-based mixer. This is because they both use the same signal flow principle and design which helps to consistently sync things across the domains.

What is an Audio Mixer?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions because people tend to mix up the name or think the name indicates the difference. However, a mixing board, mixing console, soundboard, audio mixer and any other name you see are all referring to one device, and it is a mixing console.

So what this does is that it amalgamates your entire pre-recorded file, instruments and parts into one place. This then allows you to switch the parameters of each one as you desire; these parameters are the volume, dynamics and effects, frequency content and stereo position.

With the help of the mixing console, you can bring together all of the separate pieces of your production into one complete recording like mp3, CD, etc.

What are the Types of Mixing consoles Arrangement?

We noticed that mixing consoles could be divided into two major sections and they are: the input section and monitoring section.

The input section allows you to relay the signal that is going to be recorded straight into the mixer.

The monitoring section only allows you to listen to your already recorded work that is the output.

Having known this, you will see that there are two different arrangements on the hardware mixing console and they are:

Split and Inline

The split mixing console presents both of these sections in separate halves of the mixing desk.

In-line consoles are the one that houses the input section and the monitoring sections, and both are inside the channel strip.

Who makes Mixing consoles?

You will find that there are different brands of mixing console manufacturers and some of the most famous ones with the best quality are listed below:

Allen & Heath





To get yourself the best mixing console for recording is not an easy task as we have mentioned above, however, with all the information contained in this review article, we hope you will now find it easy to buy you your most preferred mixing console for recording.

However, you should be sure to pay attention to all the information contained in this article in order to guide against any form of shopping mistake.

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