Best Multi-Effects Pedal For Live Performance

The multi-effects pedal has now gone from an unappreciated device to a very well appreciated device. All this is owed to the presence of the new and strong processors with DSP capabilities. You can now produce great effects and premium amp simulations with excellent expressive sounds to your audience as a guitarist.

However, getting the best multi-effects pedal for live performance can be a tough task due to the numerous brands in the market. Therefore, we have come up with a buyer’s guide while also listing the best five in the market to make your buying process very easy.

Criteria For Selecting The Best Multi-Effects Pedal For Live Performance

As said above, the best multi-effects pedal for live performance is not easy to come by in the market as a result of many manufacturers releasing different models every now and then. Hence, the criteria for selection listed below will make it easy for you.

Durability: Multi-effects pedals give varieties of effects, and this simply translates to frequent usage. For this reason, it is essential to understand the need to buy a durable multi-effects unit. It has to be durable enough to withstand rugged use and movement from one place to the other. The best to choose is the unit made of steel.

Ease of use: Most multi-effects units are very complex due to a lot of features and functions needed to actualize your best sound and output. However, the next-gen designs are less complicated and are pretty straight to the point. You should put this into consideration before making your purchase.

Input and outputs: You must go to the market knowing what you want. This makes choosing the best input and output multi-effects unit to be very important. You want to be sure your unit can deliver the taste of sound you want both on the input and output front.

Design: For live performers, it will be pertinent that you move your multi-effects units every time. You are going to definitely require the design that is compact and lightweight. Check out for the dimensions, weight, size of the unit you intend to buy before making a purchase.

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5 Best Multi-Effects Pedal For Live Performance

Line 6 Helix LT Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

Line 6 Helix LT Guitar Multi-Effects Processor


Professional players will find this really great because of its very impressive array of features that makes it one of the best. The line 6 helix is presented with a whopping 1,024 preset locations, and they are all arranged to fill 8 setlists.

Sound creation with the Helix pedal is just great, thanks to the 41 modelled amps, 7 bass amps 16 mics, 30 cabs and the 80 effect options of speaker loading impulse.

Also, with the Line 6 Helix pedal you can easily make use of the editing system with the available joystick on the board. The great thing about the joystick is that it can also be simply operated with your feet.

Finally, what makes the helix so superb is its input and output prowess. This will propel any guitar or live performance.

BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor


This is a premium multi-effect pedal, and you will have a great time using this for your live performance or guitar facilitation.

The Boss GT-1000 guitar effects processor delivers sounds that are ultimate and without compromise. You are promised great freedom of expression with the BOSS GT-1000 thanks to the one of a kind 32-bit floating-point processing.

The engine is well equipped with next-gen features that will immediately propel proper music applications. Also, you will have access to augmented impulse response dynamics which offers a heightened integration and a natural feel.

Additionally, it comes offering a high number of onboard selection of varying effects, and it includes the BOSS MDP effects.

Finally, the amps and effects have a various number of routing and parallel combinations.

Eventide Multi-Effect Processor, White (H9 CORE)

Eventide Multi Effect Processor, White (H9 CORE)


Having the eventide multi-effect processor means you can run absolutely all effects algorithms from the variations of options available to you.

This multi-effects pedal comes with true bypass, tuner and MIDI features. Also, you can control the H9 Core wirelessly by making use of a Bluetooth connection through the H9 application. The App is compatible with iOS, OSX and Windows devices.

You are going to be in full control of your expressions with the expression pedal and the availability of the aux footswitch input.

The pitch factor, ModFactor, space reverb pedals and time factor delay functionalities give proper sound and great live performance experience.

BOSS, Compact (GT-1)

BOSS, Compact (GT-1)


As the name implies, this is an absolute compact multi-effects pedal, and it delivers premium outputs. This is an advanced design that has zero hard edges, and you can safely move this about in a guitar bag. Edit and select functions just got easier with the BOSS, Compact (GT-1) as you can tweak and choose patches in no time.

Additionally, the 4 AA batteries promise about seven hours of playtime. This is enough to deliver full expression on the stage when performing live. The BOSS, Compact (GT-1) comes with control switch and expression pedals on board. You will love the footswitch expression pedal.

Lastly, it comes with a USB connection for a better experience and overall, you are in good hands with the BOSS, Compact (GT-1).

HeadRushPedalboard | Guitar Amp & FX Modelling Processor

HeadRush Pedalboard Guitar Amp


This is high flying multi-effects pedal that comes with very attractive design to get you liking it immediately.

It has a custom design quad-core DSP system. The 11 HD expanded DSP software delivers great cab, amp, FX and mic. With the above features, you can create limitless tone sculpting for your live performance.

This multi-effects pedal promises a 7 inches high-resolution display coupled with an intuitive touch screen for the best of rigs creation in no time. The design is of high durability, which makes it easy to move about with no fear, thanks to steel design.

With the Gapless preset switching, looper, reverb, delay tail and the hand’s free edit mode, you can do no wrong.

Finally, you can reamp and record with the availability of the USB design that comes with a 24 bit/96KHz quality.

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Musicians, instrumentalists and anyone in love with music knows the effect of a great sound on the ears. This is by far an essential part of the music. Hence, we listed the five best multi-effects pedal for live performance so you can achieve your aim of delivering the best sound while performing on a live stage.

You are only going to be happy and with no regrets when you choose any of the listed five products on this article. Also, do not disregard the criteria for selection as this is going to help you while on a shopping spree.

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