Best Speakers for Digital Piano

Adding the best speakers for digital piano to your toolbox is one excellent decision you should make. The truth is, there are several options available for you, yet it’s easier to pick the wrong product when one is not really informed about what to expect.

The joy of everyone playing on a piano is to hear the sound come out as perfectly as possible; the sound should be pleasing and audible. Anything below this makes their play less enjoyable. Sadly, you cannot carry your piano around testing them with each speaker you see in the market; that’s out of the available solution options. But, don’t be disturbed, the goal of this article is to introduce you to the best speakers for digital piano professionally, we will consider some essential criteria that must be put into consideration, and consider 5 of the best speakers for digital piano you should buy. 

Criteria for Selecting Best Speakers for Digital Piano

Picking the best speakers for digital piano is easy, yet one can easily make the wrong decision. Consider the following essential criteria that are designed to help you pick the best speakers for digital piano;

Passive vs. Active speakers

One of the big decisions you will have to make is choosing between a passive or an active speaker. One limitation of a passive speaker is that they require amplifiers for them to deliver the right sound, active speakers, on the other hand, produce clearer sound without amplifiers.  


It is important to pay attention to the design you are selecting. The number of channel mixers they feature is very important if you will be connecting the speaker to your digital piano and other musical instruments. You should also go for a speaker that complements the aesthetic design of your digital piano. 


It is important to answer this important question before subscribing to a product. Will you be moving around with the speaker? Or will you be using it in a single location? Your answer to that question will influence the size you will be going for. If you will be performing in different locations, a portable yet powerful speaker is the ideal option. 

Wired or wireless

Wired speakers have been around for a long time, and they are very effective when it comes to delivering quality sound. It is important to ensure that the cable fits into your digital piano. Many, although now go for wireless speakers as they are more portable, and come with top-notch features. Going for a wired speaker won’t be a bad idea, as it promises to help you play better.

5 Best Speakers for Digital Piano

Behringer Ultratone K450FX Ultra-Flexible 45-Watt 3-Channel PA System/Keyboard Amplifier

Without an iota of doubt, this speaker is one of the best speakers for digital piano. The speaker features a powerful 10-inch design that helps it produce excellent and unique sounds. The speaker features an integrated digital FX processor that comes with 100 amazing presets, which includes chorus, reverb, flanger, and other multi-effects. Even if there are critical frequencies, the revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection speaker will help you identify them. This speaker has a full three-channel operation, which comes with different volume settings. Flexibility is another excellent thing about this speaker, thanks to the 45-watt power it carries. Having an additional XLR mic input on its channel makes it easier to connect it to your digital piano, and microphones. It comes with an integrated 35 mm pole for stand mounting and has an overall dimension of 17.36 x 11.77 x 16.5 inches, weighing 34.8 pounds.

Behringer Ultratone K450FX Ultra-Flexible 45-Watt 3-Channel PA System/Keyboard Amplifier


Rockville RPG122K Dual 12″ Powered Speakers, Bluetooth+Mic+Speaker Stands+Cables

As one of the best speakers for digital piano, this speaker comes with one active and one passive speaker that helps it deliver exceptional sound. It also features cables for connecting devices to both the active and passive speakers. There are additional cables that make connecting to your digital piano easier. Controlling the speaker is easy, thanks to the accompanying remote control features. This speaker features a 1000 watts peak, 250 watts RSM and 500 watts program power which improves sound delivery. Some of its excellent features also include a 12 inches long-throw woofer, 2 inches aluminum voice coil for clearer and fuller sound, and an exceptional bass response. The built-in Bluetooth function makes connecting to all devices possible. It also features USB inputs, which improves the flexibility of the speaker. This speaker is marvelously compact and lightweight, with a frequency response of 60 – 13kHz. An impedance of 630 Ohms, and a unidirectional polar pattern.


Rockville BPA8 8″ Professional Powered Active 300w DJ PA Speaker w Bluetooth

This is one active speaker with an exceptional peak power of 300 watts, 150 watts program, and 75 watts RSM. It is one of the best speakers for digital piano and comes with a long throw 8 inches woofer, and a 1.5-inch KSV voice coil, these help the speaker deliver rich and deep bass and acoustic power. The speaker features a frequency response of 20Hz – 20 kHz, and a maximum SPL rating of 1 watt per Meter, with 95dB, and 92dB continuous. You can connect your digital piano and other wireless devices easily with this speaker. The Bluetooth of this speaker has an amazing range of 32 feet. The wireless remote control of this speaker makes it easier for you to control the activities of the speaker. The LCD screen display makes operation easier, and it comes with two channels, one with an XLR and ¼ inch TRS input with volume control, and RCA and ⅛ inch auxillary input with volume control.

Rockville BPA8 8" Professional Powered Active 300w DJ PA Speaker w Bluetooth


Gemini AS Series Professional Audio Dual 15-inch Portable Active PA Loudspeakers with Bluetooth Compatibility

Considered as a concert machine, this is another excellent speaker for your digital piano. An excellent and unique sound is delivered thanks to the 15 inches 3000 watts powered Bi-amped AB class system. The speaker has an impedance of 4 Ohms and frequency response of 50HZ – 20kHz, which delivers the sort of sound quality you desire from your play session on your piano. The versatility of this speaker is improved by its ability to connect easily with all devices, both wired and wirelessly. It comes with two channels, which feature different gain control and cable connection options, which include ¼, and ⅛ inches XLR connector, RCA input, Mix Output, etc. This speaker is rugged and can withstand use in any environment and under any condition.

Gemini AS Series Professional Audio Dual 15-inch Portable Active PA Loudspeakers with Bluetooth Compatibility, Mic & Line XLR, 1/4", 1/8", RCA inputs


Acoustic Audio by Gold wood Powered Speaker Cabinet, 12-Inch

This is a battery-powered speaker that ranks high as one of the best speakers for digital piano. This Bluetooth powered speaker comes with a 400 watts power with a multi-colored woofer flashlight. This speaker can easily be connected to your digital piano and other devices. It features a remote ¼ inch mic input and an additional 3.5 auxillary input. This speaker features a 12 inches woofer, and 2 inches tweeter, which helps you enjoy better sound. The speaker also has a frequency response of 30Hz – 20kHz and a sensitivity of 96dB. The speaker has an overall dimension of 20 75 X 13 25 X 11 inches. This speaker effortlessly connects to all Bluetooth powered devices and delivers the rich, full sound you crave for when playing on your digital piano.

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Powered Speaker Cabinet, 12-Inch (PRTY123)


Combining Your Speaker and Digital Piano to Produce the Right Sound

Many often worry that their digital piano does not produce the sort of sound they need. There are several reasons why this may happen.  However, if the speaker is the cause, some tips that can be helpful for dealing with this problem. Note that the sort of sound you get from your digital piano can be influenced by the design of the speaker you are using. Picking the wrong design in the first place may be responsible for the unpleasing sound. Good enough, we have provided you with some speakers that can handle your digital piano, but consider the following points.

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Try the sound on a headphone

How can you know if the fault is with the speaker? It’s best to try the sound out on other devices first. A good headphone will help you detect if the digital piano is at fault or if the piano is working well. It is good to know that the sound delivered by the headphone will be better than the one produced by your speaker unless you are holding the best of the best. Hence, if the sound is not clear on our high-quality headphones, there is no way it will come out well on your speaker. 

If the digital piano sound comes out well on your headphone, here are some other reason why it is coming out poorly on your speaker;

Phase cancellation

This refers to the phase difference between the left and right channels; this often results in phase cancellation when channels are summed. Phase cancellation leads to thin, resonant sounds that resemble those of kid toys. 

Polyphonic interference

While playing different chords on your digital piano, it is expected that all notes will give birth to harmonics that have frequencies that are closely related. If the harmonics now feature varying frequencies between the phases, this can result in phase cancellation. When this happens, it leads to unwanted and random changes in both timbres and the sound of each chord. 

Loudspeaker resonance

This is often influenced by the design of the speaker. If the design is not as excellent as required, eliminating audible resonance becomes impossible. When this happens, some pitches will sound louder than others, and this will limit how clear the sound produced will be. Digital piano responds to these sounds and can result in harsh or strident sounds that players do not like.

Keyboard Amps and PAs Problems

Playing on a speaker without reverbs results in your piano sounding too dry. This is because the sound system can only produce little room reflection and natural reverberation with the piano. Without the speaker featuring a reverb, you won’t get the best sound you desire. 

Above are some of the reasons why your digital piano sounds poor even after investing well in the speaker. So how do you address this problem and make your speaker sound great again? Consider the following solutions. 

Get a good speaker

One good way to deal with poor sound in your speaker is to buy a good one. In this review, we have delivered 5 of the best options and factors that should influence your decision. Getting a good speaker will relieve you of worrying about poor sound. 

Equalize the speakers

Equalizing the power response, and direct response of the speaker will improve the direct and reverberant field. Getting a constant-directivity speaker will work well for you. It radiates at the same spectrum for both direct field and power response. 

Room size

Picking a speaker that corresponds to your room size will also help your speaker sound well on your digital piano. If the speaker is too big, the sound won’t be as cool as you desire. If it’s too small, you’ll need to be really close to the speaker to hear the sound, unless it’s a portable speaker.

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The best speakers for digital piano are available for all who are careful enough to carry out their research before going to the market. In this review, we have carefully discussed the important criteria that will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying the best speaker for your digital piano. There are several reasons why your speaker might not sound great. This article delivers ways you can deal with this issue too. The highlight, however, is to ensure you get the best speaker. That will reduce your worries and makes playing on your digital piano easier and more comfortable. We have also explored five of the best speakers for digital piano you should pick from, exploring their features and why they stand out as the best. When you digest this information well, you should not have trouble picking the best product and playing the way you want, with the best sound. Getting the best speakers for digital pianos just got easy.

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