Best Trombone Mouthpiece for Jazz

As a jazz lover, you must have realized that the sound is distinct; you don’t need to blend with an orchestra when playing Jazz. Hence, for the sound to come out well, you need to make use of the right trombone, and the right mouthpiece.

Are you searching for the best trombone mouthpiece for jazz, that will make playing easier for you? We’ve got you. One thing you need to know is that not all trombone mouthpiece works for every genre. There are tenor trombones, alto trombones, jazz trombones, etc. So, your style will decide the type of trombone you will be buying.

So, how do you identify the best trombone mouthpiece for Jazz? What are the things that make the mouthpiece special? Follow along as we explore these essential points that will make choosing easier, we will then deliver some of the best options to explore.

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Criteria for Selecting Best Trombone Mouthpiece for Jazz

If you will buy the best trombone mouthpiece for Jazz, you need to look out for the following things;

  • Rim: for jazz players, it is best to opt for a mouthpiece with a rounded rim. It is very flexible and allows smooth movement of your lips on the cup while playing. Hence you can quickly produce varieties of distinct tones and effects. If you are a starter, you might want to start with a mouthpiece that has medium to the wide rim, and semi-rounded contour with sharp inside edge.
  • Cup: you can either select a mouthpiece with broad and deep cups which often produce dark tones with much volume or one with smaller and shallow cups which produce brighter tones and comes with improved control.
  • Throat: the variation is not that much when it comes to the throat. But it plays a significant role in the sound produced. Your tone will choke if you make use of throats that are too small. Larger throats, on the other hand, requires more air pressure. But larger throats are the better option.
  • Backbore: the backbore impact the tone, volume, pitch, and your projection. The size often corresponds to the size of your cup and rim. So, for better performance, it is best to go for a medium-sized mouthpiece.

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5 Best Trombone Mouthpiece for Jazz

CecilioTrombone Mouthpiece,12C, Silver Plated

Cecilio Trombone Mouthpiece,12C, Silver Plated


For jazz player searching for the perfect mouthpiece for their trombone, this one is a good option for them. This silver-plated trombone mouthpiece by Ceciliois designed for all playing Jazz. The mouthpiece has an overall size of 12c. Good enough, the mouthpiece has a total length of 79.50mm, shank diameter of 11.00mm, and shank length of 34.50mm, this makes it perfect for every player. Furthermore, the mouthpiece has a cup diameter of 25.70mm and rim diameter of 38.00mm, this help in delivery quality and unique sounds every time you play. The mouthpiece weighs 7.2 ounces overall.

Denis Wick DW5880-10CS Silver-Plated Alto or Medium-Bore Trombone Mouthpiece

Denis Wick DW5880-10CS Silver-Plated Alto or Medium-Bore Trombone Mouthpiece


Trombone jazz players will find this mouthpiece perfect for their performance. The mouthpiece is specially designed to house a balanced throat, backbore, and cup. For all tone you play, it delivers the perfect intonation. The mouthpiece also has a clean articulation response. As a medium bore trombone, this mouthpiece is the ideal option for all jazz players and alto trombone. The clarity, warmth, and beautiful sounds coming out of this mouthpiece will help you thrill your audience better. The design process of this trombone leaves no stone unturned, making it a better option.

Bach Trombone Mouthpiece (K3506HAL)

Bach Trombone Mouthpiece (K3506HAL)


This trombone mouthpiece is another perfect option for all jazz player. This mouthpiece features a sturdy and beautiful design; it is a product of high-quality materials. This help the mouthpiece bring the best out of your trombone. The mouthpiece has a cup size of 25.40mm and features a medium, wide, well-rounded rim shape. Are you seeking a specific color? Bach trombone mouthpiece is delivered in varying colors to suit your taste. This silver plated 6- ½ mouthpiece is the best option for all players. The overall weight of this mouthpiece stands at 3.2 ounces, and product dimension of 4 * 4 * 4 inches.

Glory Professional Silver-Plated Trombone Mouthpiece 12c

Glory Professonal Silver Plated Trombone Mouthpiece 12c


You need a right mouthpiece for your trombone, then you need to lay a hand on this mouthpiece. This silver-plated mouthpiece carries the unique and sturdy design you want your mouthpiece to carry. You may wonder why this mouthpiece has this exclusive design, don’t worry much the answer is simply because of the computer-aided design, and the computer lathe work which is professional combined to give birth to the mouthpiece. This mouthpiece meets the worldwide standard for professional jazz players, and it is a suitable choice for students, intermediates, and professional player.

Andoer Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece Mouth Piece 6.5AL Silver/Gold (optional)

Andoer Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece Mouth Piece 6.5AL Silver Gold (optional)


You have an excellent trombone, all you need is a perfect mouthpiece, don’t worry, I have the perfect piece for you. This mouthpiece allows you to get the best out of your trombone. This mouthpiece will enable you to play loud, smooth, and warm tones. This mouthpiece comes from high-quality brass, and it’s both durable and sturdy. The product has an overall weight of 153g, and size of 8*3.7*3.7cm (3.1*1.5*1.5 inches). The mouthpiece has a package size of 9.5*4*4.2cm (3.7*1.6*1.7 inches) and packages weight 163g. This mouthpiece comes at a highly affordable price.

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Your worries about getting the best trombone mouthpiece for jazz has hit the right answer. We have done well in delivering the best ones that will help you enjoy every play session. We have also discussed the essential points to consider like the rim size, the cup size amongst others. If you need to get the best product, let this guide lead you as you stroll the market. The Cecilio Trombone Mouthpiece,12C, Silver Plated is the cheapest of all reviewed product, while the Bach Trombone Mouthpiece (K3506HAL) is the most expensive one. Any of these products or the ones in-between are all designed to help you bring every jazz session to life.

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