Best Electric Guitar String for Bending

Bending is one of the common techniques used by guitarists while playing. For experts, bending is not really an issue; they have what it takes to maneuver and produce the right sound. But for beginners, the story is different. They can find this extremely hard. In fact, they may not be able to play correctly Read More

Best Electric Guitar Strings for Metal

As a guitarist, I know you will be seeking ways to maximize your experience on the guitar. Not all strings will help you have an excellent experience while playing; you need to be selective. The fact that there are thousands of products in the market that you can pick from Read More

Best Clean Guitar Amp for Pedals

Even a good guitarist can have a bad day playing if his “accessories” are not of high quality. One of such is the guitar amp for pedals. Without the right one, delivering the right sound will be impossible.  This review focuses on the best guitar amps for your pedal platform. Read More

Best Electric Guitar Strings for Blues

Your electric guitar sounds so out of tune when you play blues; you start to feel your playing days are over. Before you conclude, think about the sort of string your electric guitar is carrying. Even experts make mistakes sometimes when it comes to getting the right string Read More

Best Amplifier for Klipsch Speakers

Every professional in the music industry knows one or two things about Klipsch speakers. It is one of the best speakers you can ever make use of. But speakers don’t work perfectly on their own. They need a sound source and an amplifier that will help improve the sound quality. So, you have a Klipsch speaker; all you need is a top-quality amplifier that will help deliver quality sound for your speaker Read More

15 Amazing Benefits Of Listening To Music In The Gym

The great Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “without music, life would be a mistake”. Plato also enthused saying “music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”. I could go on and on about the quotes of great minds appreciating the essence of music, and yet, it still won’t do justice to the importance of music in life Read More

Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Female Hands

Comfort, ease of play and good tone delivery are all parts of the best acoustic guitar for small female hands in terms of features. People with tiny hands will definitely find it hard to play on a full-sized guitar. Hence, a small-sized guitar that will suit there playing style and hands Read More

Best Keyboard For Making Beats

Music producers require the best keyboard for making beats. This simply boils down to the fact that they really have to deliver the best hits for their clients and artists. For producers that are in the hip hop genre, they need to get a standard keyboard that will make it Read More